Can you date this picture…? (5)

Post your answer below, and the correct date will be published a week today. If you identify the source of this image, your answer will be held back until next week, when your knowledge will be credited.

18 comments to Can you date this picture…? (5)

  • Witte

    Would have said 1951 but I think photo’s were ‘propper’ black and white by then, so I decided to reduce it by 20 yrs and say, 1931?

  • jufjo

    It is either 19th century, or made in the last couple of years by someone with a old fashioned camera at some sort of Americam Civil War Living History event.

  • sash

    I’m saying 1942 - that style of sleeve went out of fashion around 1900 and didn’t appear again until about 1939.

  • Sandi Flange

    The woman’s hand looks ‘modern’, in that it appears tanned and manicured; I’d agree with Jufjo that it’s either very old or very new :)

  • edmund

    Sure I’ve seen it before - USA c.1880’s?

  • Banjo Lawson

    June 17, 1919. Approximately.

  • Ian

    the slow exposure makes me think its older. I’ll say 1850

  • SimplerDave

    Something about it makes me want to say Walker Evans: 1930?

  • Ami Dang

    I think it could be 1870.

  • Garbage Can Boyd

    This picture looks too good. The mother’s hair and skin seem too healthy for the time period it’s “supposed” to look like. The toddler also seems too plump and healthy. The focus variations almost seem too perfect. I’ll guess 2009.

  • Erin G

    I am guessing 1860, give or take two years. The style of the women’s dress is typical of that era.

  • Onno

    Probably taken in 2010. No real clue, just the feeling that this is a trick question ;-)

  • Marjorie from Connecticut

    I will guess 1879. If it does turn out to be new, I am amazed that the woman went to the trouble of wearing a corset!

  • Reds

    This image looks like modern day Civil War reenactor mother & daughter who had their image done at an event by a person doing 1860s period Daguerreotypes. These modern Daguerreotype photographers use the same exact development and photography methods from the time period (over 150 years ago.) The image was probably struck sometime in the last couple of years.

  • Jimbahadur

    2010 - Too many perfect imperfections

  • Ana

    I would say 1860’s

  • "ET"

    1891 is my guess No reason

  • Nicole

    Definitely 1860s, probably earlier side, 1862-1865. It’s hard to say for sure since she isn’t wearing high fashion, but I have seen almost the same dress in the collection at FIT in NYC.

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