Britannia in Colour, 1928…

These images are Autochromes taken by Clifford R. Adams in England in 1928 for National Geographic.

5 comments to Britannia in Colour, 1928…

  • Colm O'Brien

    Absolutely love the particular colour that only Autochromes gave; no other film produced then, or since, had the same natural colours. Great photos by the way!

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  • CharlesH.

    Well, I’ll be darned… is that the Mauretania??
    What a great set. Also love those “drink milk” posters.

  • Iain H

    I love the ad headline: ‘All the best people… drink milk.’

    Fantabulous stuff!

  • Rick

    A blue Australian flag in 1928? should really have been red unless this was official government business??

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