The “First Russian Pig in Space”


Thank you to English Russia

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  • Ray Martin

    I don’t know the story behind these pictures but there is no possibility that that contraption put the pig into space, or even very high. It looks like a glorified circus cannon and was probably a very early study into the effects of rapid acceleration.
    Cute pig, though - and is that ‘scientific’ vodka they’re giving it, or some Russian fizz? Maybe it was a marinade :D

  • Tanya Lockot

    Ray, the beverage in the bottle is actually “kagor”, a very sweet red wine. They probably thought it would make the pig a bit more happy:)

  • Mike

    What are Laurel & Hardy doing in picture 15?

  • Ray Martin

    @Mike - I don’t know, but I shudder to think what is smeared on their faces, given that they’re holding a frightened pig :D

    @Tanya - Yes, I’d want some liquid cheer, too.

  • Daniel

    The pig has mud on it’s nose in pic 15 after going for a quick snuffle after landing (pic 14).

    I was a big fan of the Muppet’s regular sketch ‘Pigs in Space’ so I’m glad he looks OK.

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  • Craig

    These are stills from a mockumentary called Pigs in Space - so unfortunately not real. Still neat, though.

  • Aleksei

    crazy fun))) hope the pig was happy w/Kagor ahahaha)

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