Ancient Japan in 3D…

These animated images are taken from original stereoscopic photographs by T. Enami, and were animated from images posted by Okinawa Soba.

The images date from about 1895 to about 1910.


Thank you to Pink Tentacle

4 comments to Ancient Japan in 3D…

  • MLizzardXXXd

    These are fantastic!!!

  • Beautiful Things

    They are beautiful pictures but why the shaking?? It’s really annoying and stops you from being able to enjoy the pictures to their fullest

  • Chris

    Hey Beautiful, the shaking is used to give an approximation of 3D.

    These pictures were originally taken as Stereograms - that is, T. Enami used a stereoscopic camera which had two lenses, taking two frames at the same time. When viewed together in a stereoscopic viewer, the frames appear to combine to create a single 3D image. The animation - or shaking - used here gives something of that effect.

    To enjoy the original images sans shaking, check out Okinawa Sabo’s Flickr stream.

  • Lady Crafthole

    These are the very pictures that got me to try it myself a few months ago. Mine was not as utterly spellbinding as these though!

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