Rocket Lolly

“Rocket Lolly (9th March, Marlborough Theatre, Brighton, UK) is an evening of vintage science clips - from smoking robots to futuristic visions of the 1950s, as imagined in the 1930s.

Infrasonic terrors, nuclear fallout messages, mind control experiments, time and motion studies, rocket lollies, visions of the future and other gems from the archives. A feast of scientific and technological curiosities on film, from 1900 to present day.

The evening includes some extremely rare material that’s been donated by the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, and the Huntley Film Archives for the night. Some of the films are mute and will be accompanied  live on theremin and other instruments.”

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  • Ray Martin

    See Janet and John. Janet and John are happy children. They are watching the airliner… just before all their internal organs are turned to mush from the concussive pressure blast from the giant rocket launch just two hundred feet away.
    See John? See Janet screaming? John can not hear Janet because his ear drums have ruptured and his cerebral fluid is leaking from his ears.

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