The Collapsing Wall...

Above: The Collapsing Wall (Leonard Rosomer)
(c) Imperial War Museum

Jimmy Anderson sent these images to How to be a Retronaut after watching a documentary about the London Blitz of WWII. Over to Jimmy :

“During the Blitz fire-fighter Leonard Rosomer was mentally very scarred from having seen the fire-fighter who had relieved him being crushed to death by a collapsing wall in Shoe Lane, just off Fleet Street in the City of London.

Rosomer took up painting as therapy and became a very highly-regarded war artist. His picture of the scene in Shoe Lane, “The Collapsing Wall” is in the Imperial War Museum.

Shoe Lane is exactly where I work and the scene in question sits directly outside the entrance to the Goldman Sachs staff canteen.”


Thanks to Jimmy Anderson. Thank you also to Andy Jarosz and 501 Places.

1 comment to The Collapsing Wall…

  • Ruth

    Next time I’m down that way I’ll walk Shoe Lane and remember Leonard and the firefighters. Thanks Jimmy.

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