‘Travel Back In Time With Yahoo! Maps’

Wembley, with twin towers intact

‘In Yahoo! Maps, London is stuck in a new-Millennial timewarp. The vintage satellite photography is now almost a decade out of date’

- Londonist

St Paul's before One New Change shopping centre

St Pancras before international

Spitalfields Market

Shepherd’s Bush before Westfield

Olympic Park - fields, and light industrial units

No Shard. Another tower at top left has also since been demolished.

Home Office-to-be in Pimlico. Note, outline of one of the circula rotundas – old gas infrastructure converted into a bunker during WWII

Highbury before Emirates Stadium

Half-complete 'More London'

Astoria and buildings on Charing Cross Road that were swept away for Crossrail. The brightly coloured St Giles scheme is yet to be seen

Thank you to Londonist

This capsule was curated by Graham Lehr

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