Retronautic WTF V

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  • AnneM

    And the contestant with the loveliest chest X-ray is……Contestant #2! Is that Arnold Schwarzenegger showing off the muscles to the old ladies?

  • qka

    The last one looks like a Miss Ku Klux Klan (KKK) kontest.

    The one before that belongs in the pre-radar tracking devices capsule. Likewise, dancing on the USS Recruit belongs in that capsule.

    Most of these aren’t that WTF.

  • Quite sure that it’s Arnold. The face is very familiar, and he really had muscles like those some decades ago …

  • Bill Miller

    Retronautic WTF V has an image of a uniformed man and woman each wearing a headpiece featuring goggles and an ear trumpet (pre-electronics hearing aid) for each ear. They appear in a open front wooden box / observation stand. Perhaps they are aircraft observers.

    The image name is … /1917.jpg. Can you provide further information about where, what or other similiar images?


  • Miss Azura

    Most of them look pretty wtf to me.

    What’s with that chest xray one? Miss ‘TB Free’ 1954? And all the pervy chimps? O_o

  • Emily

    I think the first one is a photo from a childbirth training. They actually still use mannequins today, albeit, they’re a bit more realistic.

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