‘Little Red Hen’ by Andy Warhol, 1958

Thank you to Glyphjockey

3 comments to ‘Little Red Hen’ by Andy Warhol, 1958

  • qka

    The cover looks familiar – I believe I had one or more volumes of this series as a child. But not this one. As I recall, the cover on mine was shades of blue, not lavender.

  • Even though it says it’s by Warhol, I am not convinced. It looks like someone who vaguely tried to make it look like Warhol and wasn’t very successful at it. Since he used to employ assistants to do his work, even back then – I think this was drawn by someone else and delivered to the client by Warhol. It’s just not his style, at all.

  • Matt

    Look up Malvina Reynolds and the song “Little Red Hen.” The book, whether done by Warhol or not, is based on this interesting song. Take a guess at the underlying meaning of the lyrics.

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