‘Legion of Devils’, 1902

‘While sorting through some old boxes that once belonged to my mother-in-law, I came across some photo cards dated 1901 and 1902. My wife thinks they belonged to her great grandmother, and vaguely remembers looking at them through the (long-lost) antique stereoscope device when she was a girl. The cards were produced in Washington D.C. and lived for most of their life in the back of a cupboard in Dallas, Texas.’

- Jack Jewers

'This is a fine make-up for the masquerade. I’ll go show it to my daughter.'

‘(Daughter’s best-fellow) - ‘I would fight a legion of Devils for you.’

‘Heaven save us, Mary! What’s that noise?’

‘It’s coming nearer. Wow! Murder!! Police!!!’

This capsule was curated by Jack Jewers

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