Polaroids, 1970s, by Anthony Perkins

‘Hey Chris –  my late father was actor Tony Perkins and I have some of his old polaroids from the 1970s. It will take me a little time to gather them but be on the lookout…’

- Oz Perkins

Woody Allen, Tony Perkins, Lucy Saroyan

Marisa Berenson, Joel Schumacher

Halston, Berry Berenson

Tony Perkins, Sue Mengers

Tony Perkins, Pat Ast, Marisa Berenson, Steven Sondheim

Tony Perkins, Susan Sarandon, Chris Sarandon

Osgood Perkins (me), Tony Perkins

This capsule was curated by Oz Perkins

6 comments to Polaroids, 1970s, by Anthony Perkins

  • TinaDiva

    Oh so very very young. Wonderful, thank you for sharing.

  • David

    What a super cool set of images!! As TinaDiva says, you are very generous in sharing these.

  • Caleb

    These are so cool. Thank you, so much for sharing them, Oz.

  • I recently read your late Father’s biography which I found very moving. Your father had a very full life andnwas a truly great actor. Having recently lost my own mother, I was particularly saddened by the poignant nature of your mothers death in the 9/11 tragedy. Sending you sincere condolences in view of the recent anniversary. With best wishes from Muir

  • Cyndi Bostonian-Zacek

    These are a wonderful time capsule-thanks so much for sharing. I always look out for your mothers name and listen for it when it is called, I am so saddened by the shocking loss. She was stylish and amazing. Your dad was also such an important icon for us horror movie fans and seemed so sweet, gentle and warm.
    I’m so happy you and your brother are so grounded. Bless!

    Zacek Family

  • Dennis Christopher


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