The love letter that time forgot

‘Since a love letter was written to Clark C. Moore 53 years ago, he has married twice, fathered 21 children, retired as a teacher, converted to Islam and become a Muslim cleric.

‘In fact, the letter–addressed to Moore when he was a student at Pennsylvania’s California University–should now be addressed to Muhammad Siddeeq, as he changed his name years ago when he converted to Islam.

‘A university mail worker found the opened love letter only last week. It was signed by “Vonnie” and said “I still miss you as much as ever and love you a thousand times more,” Vonnie asked why the object of her affection hadn’t called her before he went back to college, but signed the note “Love Forever.” National news outlets publicized the discovery, and a Pittsburgh friend recognized Siddeeq’s former name and contacted him.

‘The 74-year-old now lives in Indianapolis and is waiting with mixed emotions for the letter to arrive in his mailbox.

“I’m curious, but I’m not sure I’d put it under the category of ‘looking forward to it,’”

‘He and Vonnie married later that year, in 1958, and had four children before divorcing. Vonnie said she was upset the letter had been released and did not want her last name known. The couple no longer speak.’

-The Lookout

This capsule was curated by Emily Steiner


2 comments to The love letter that time forgot

  • When I worked for Royal Mail there was (and probably still is) stories about mail that took xx number of years to reach it’s recipient. In nearly all cases it was clear that someone had bought an old (sent) postcard and stuck it in the mail to see what would happen…. which was usually a story in the Daily Mail or The Sun!

  • Jinx

    I dropped a postcard to myself into a Royal Mail box while in Oxford on vacay – in 2023. Haven’t gotten it yet!

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