Evolution of Brand Logos


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  • Henry

    Good article. But I’m kinda disappointed. I thought it said “Lego evolution” when I clicked the link. Logos are cool too I guess….


    You should include the Doctor Who logo – quite a few revisions over the last 50 years. Like the Pepsi one, with one being vastly superior in the mindseye than the rest. http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Doctor_Who_logo

  • Peter

    Jesus, just because they’re old logos doesn’t mean they have to suck so much. Look at the first Nike one, white text with a massive white tick over the top of it?..

    Would be interested to find out why logos have improved so dramatically.

    Still prefer the old colourful Apple logo though.

  • Red Bunny

    I work for Xerox and when the new (current) logo was released, everyone here was laughing at it because it resembles the logo for Xbox 360 way too much. We wondered why the folks in our graphics department (where ever or who ever that might be) thought this was original.

  • toto

    Nice :)
    May be you can up date it with the starbucks’s one ?

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